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My Very Own Angel also heads off the 345 Teddy Bear Project, where every other year we donate 115 7” teddy bears wearing angel necklaces to various hospitals and prenatal diagnostic centers in sets of 3.

My Very Own Angel is also the original creator and designer of the official “I Have My Very Own Angel” T-Shirt and other soon to be announced keepsakes, to encourage women to be proud of their angels and make a statement to the world that often overlooks pregnancy and infant loss as something that “just happens”. The woman herself is a strong being to carry, birth, and take care of children, so what does that say about the unspoken and often forgotten women who suffer the loss of child against the natural order of death? It says that we have already climbed the hardest mountain, there is no sense in going back down, so climb up and keeping climbing doing good deeds, honoring your angel and practicing positive healing after such a tragic situation. Eventually you will reach the highest mountain, and you will hold your child in your arms again.

Thank you for taking the time to follow this blog and see the site, if you are a bereaved parent I can formally say I know how you feel, if you are a friend, family member, or an outsider looking in. Stay for a while check out some of the blogs we follow, view this situation from eyes of the families that have lost, I assure you, you will learn something and find a new sense of compassion.

Stephanie Stewart
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Week 1 of The Secret

To be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.

What is peace of mind? To have solid peace of mind one must not use outside influences to cope with the stresses in their life. Drugs, alcohol, sleeping pills, and other things we use to soften the blow that can have adverse outcomes to our health and all over peace of mind. This line basically says that we should commit to being so strong, that those things that we become so dependent on are no longer needed to have peace of mind. This starts with you and ends with you, the best people to go on a diet are the people that are not going on a diet. It is the people that are making a change in their eating and exercise habits that succeed; therefore unlike just going on a diet, they are able to have good health, a suitable figure and peace of mind.
What are you using at the moment to cope with the many stresses in your life? Understand that the scale is huge and you may not notice that you were doing anything wrong because it’s not drugs, sex, or alcohol. If you hold any guilt or worry to something then your peace of mind is disturbed.

How did I apply this?

I noticed about two weeks ago, that my peace of mind was in fact being disturbed by something I felt literally addicted to. I often tried to make excuses for my actions and force myself to believe that what I was doing wasn’t wrong, when the reality is what I was doing wasn’t wrong, how I was doing it was. My negative influence was My Very Own Angel, don’t get me wrong what I am doing is a wonderful thing, it will help many many families, however I worked myself to the bare bone and beyond. My hormones were still a bit out of place and I believed my body wanted to be as tired as it would have been had I had a newborn and a toddler. So I stayed up late into the night, on the computer working on the website and other My Very Own Angel products. For almost 2 months I would go to bed about 2 hrs before my husband would wake up to go to work. I would speak to no one unless it was business related and, I rarely went anywhere with my friends when invited. Although I looked at Vayden’s photos everyday and I faced the fact that he had passed, I used depriving myself of sleep and a social life as a way of being even. My baby became My Very Own Angel and when I went away for a weekend I was depressed and sad that I wasn’t sitting at my computer. I tried many times to justify my doings, but the few people who knew what was going on knew something was wrong, I did not have peace of mind.

When I noticed it, I wrote a schedule for myself. I committed to not working on Sundays and I give only a certain amount of hours on weekdays to work on or promote MVOA. But I must complete a few things before I can find peace of mind while sitting at the computer every day. I must wake up and read a page in my bible, I must work out for 30-45 min, I must do my daily household chores, I must devote 2-3 hrs with my son during the day, doing activities, I must attend to him when he needs me, I must have dinner ready or almost ready when my husband gets home. I must sit down with my husband and watch at least one of his crazy shows with him. I must continue movie night with my family. I must visit with friends at least 2 times a week, and/or communicate with them via phone, face book, etc.
When I do all of those things I sit down at my computer which is usually at night, I work and I am so strong that I let nothing disturb my peace of mind, because I have no guilt.
Now you see how although My Very Own Angel is very positive I was using it to cope and although healthy in a way, un healthy in many other ways. So I ask you again, what are you using to cope with the many stresses in life?

See you next Monday when we go through line 2 which is:

To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person I meet.



Holly said...

Posted mine. :)

Rebecca said...

I guess I would apply this as being 'committed' to having peace of mind. I'm not sure I could consider myself 'strong' at the moment and sometimes I think when we are weakest is when God does His best work. I have to WANT to heal though. I have to WANT to be in a better place than I am today. I have to WANT to have that peace of mind. So having the 'strength' to do that is where it starts. For me, that means being in His presence and reading His word even when I don't 'feel' like it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and heart and for your kind comment on my blog. I am so sorry about losing Vayden, very close in time to when we lost Olivia. I am praising Him for the 3 hours and 45 minutes that you had with him.....

croleyc69 said...

Just letting you know I posted mine. HUGS :)

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Insomnia...so blog hopping and so glad that I found yours...I enjoyed your blog and encouragement....

Tears in November said...

Thank you for your note on my blog. "Dark rooms" are hard to navigate out of some days, even after a year and a half. This is a wonderful website. I am constantly amazed at your strength and faith. I wish I felt as strong and faithful. You are a blessing to others.


Emily said...

Hi- I'm visiting from Stepping Stones. What a great blog. Thanks for your comments. ;0) emily

Jennifer Ross said...

You are doing a really wonderful thing for other women! I really like your blog and the wisdom that you just wrote about in this post. God Bless.

Much Love,