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I’m so glad you’ve found My Very Own Angel; if you haven’t already check out our official website, please take the time to check it out at http://www.myveryownangel.org/ . My Very Own Angel is full of supportive resources and idea to assist women while carrying to term and post the loss of their angel. In addition to support for mothers MVOA also includes supportive resources and idea for everyone that is affected by pregnancy and infant loss, including fathers, grandparents, siblings, friends and family.

My Very Own Angel also heads off the 345 Teddy Bear Project, where every other year we donate 115 7” teddy bears wearing angel necklaces to various hospitals and prenatal diagnostic centers in sets of 3.

My Very Own Angel is also the original creator and designer of the official “I Have My Very Own Angel” T-Shirt and other soon to be announced keepsakes, to encourage women to be proud of their angels and make a statement to the world that often overlooks pregnancy and infant loss as something that “just happens”. The woman herself is a strong being to carry, birth, and take care of children, so what does that say about the unspoken and often forgotten women who suffer the loss of child against the natural order of death? It says that we have already climbed the hardest mountain, there is no sense in going back down, so climb up and keeping climbing doing good deeds, honoring your angel and practicing positive healing after such a tragic situation. Eventually you will reach the highest mountain, and you will hold your child in your arms again.

Thank you for taking the time to follow this blog and see the site, if you are a bereaved parent I can formally say I know how you feel, if you are a friend, family member, or an outsider looking in. Stay for a while check out some of the blogs we follow, view this situation from eyes of the families that have lost, I assure you, you will learn something and find a new sense of compassion.

Stephanie Stewart
Founder and Creator of My Very Own Angel

Friday, August 21, 2009

SALE!!!!!!!! SALE !!!!!! MVOA SALE!!!!!! SALE!!!!!!

SALE!!!!!!! SALE!!!!!!! SALE!!!!!!! SALE!!!!!!! SALE!!!!!!! SALE!!!!!!! SALE!!!!!!!

Sunday August 23, 2009 marks Vayden being gone for 3 heavenly months. In those 3 months he has inspired me to do so much and give back in so many ways.

On Monday Aug 24th I will be at OU Children’s Hospital to donate the 1st set of teddy bears for The 345 Teddy Bear Project. I am excited beyond words.

October 15th is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day and since it’s coming so soon, I want to have a SALE so that you mommies of angels can get your “I Have My Very Own Angel” t-shirt at a cheaper price.

As an added promotion every order placed between 8/21 and 9/3 with this Promo Code will also receive a MVOA PAIL awareness pin. – PROMO CODE – MVOA82093
(remember to put this code in the comment box while placing order)

DID YOU KNOW????? We donate 20% from total quarterly sales divided between 3 of my favorite NPO's - NILMDTS, String of Pearls, and Sufficient Grace Women’s Ministries.
Even more of a reason to support MVOA, you will also be supporting 3 wonderful NPO’s that share the same goal, in providing comfort to families who walk this journey.

Old design shirt clearance – I placed a new order for shirts and made some minor changes to the design, The NEW design the text is a lot easier to read as I was finding there were issues with the “M” running into the logo. I still have a few of the old design shirts and I’m selling them on clearance for $13.50 on the store page you will see one shirt (white) with the old design Clearance Items will be typed above the photo, I will keep track of inventory daily as they sell. In the size bar you will find the various colors and sizes that are available. Note those are the only sizes and colors I have in the old design.

*I’m trying out XS size shirts, I’ve had a few request that some of your lil girls wanted one also. I only order a small amount in each size, so please email me if you’re thinking about ordering an xs shirt and I will let you know what I have availible and how to purchase.

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Holly said...

I can't believe it will be 3 months! That will be so awesome to be donating the teddy bears. And speaking of that last weekend I was able to get with my aunt and get a pic of the bears she's collected so far. I think it's about 114. Now, she's collected lots of different bears in all shapes and sizes so when she sends them to you feel free to only use the ones that would work or that you feel would be best. I will shoot you that picture later when I get off of work.

That's awesome you're having a sale. Can't wait to see wha tthe new ones look like!

Jennifer Ross said...

You have a very generous heart. It's nice to see people in the world that still give with their heart . God Bless.