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I’m so glad you’ve found My Very Own Angel; if you haven’t already check out our official website, please take the time to check it out at http://www.myveryownangel.org/ . My Very Own Angel is full of supportive resources and idea to assist women while carrying to term and post the loss of their angel. In addition to support for mothers MVOA also includes supportive resources and idea for everyone that is affected by pregnancy and infant loss, including fathers, grandparents, siblings, friends and family.

My Very Own Angel also heads off the 345 Teddy Bear Project, where every other year we donate 115 7” teddy bears wearing angel necklaces to various hospitals and prenatal diagnostic centers in sets of 3.

My Very Own Angel is also the original creator and designer of the official “I Have My Very Own Angel” T-Shirt and other soon to be announced keepsakes, to encourage women to be proud of their angels and make a statement to the world that often overlooks pregnancy and infant loss as something that “just happens”. The woman herself is a strong being to carry, birth, and take care of children, so what does that say about the unspoken and often forgotten women who suffer the loss of child against the natural order of death? It says that we have already climbed the hardest mountain, there is no sense in going back down, so climb up and keeping climbing doing good deeds, honoring your angel and practicing positive healing after such a tragic situation. Eventually you will reach the highest mountain, and you will hold your child in your arms again.

Thank you for taking the time to follow this blog and see the site, if you are a bereaved parent I can formally say I know how you feel, if you are a friend, family member, or an outsider looking in. Stay for a while check out some of the blogs we follow, view this situation from eyes of the families that have lost, I assure you, you will learn something and find a new sense of compassion.

Stephanie Stewart
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pay It Forward - Giveaway

Now days with the Internet and all these social networking sites, we are able to seek support from people we would have never met aside from our heartbreaking similarity, we all have our very own angels. In my journey I’ve met some of the best, kind hearted, caring and understanding people. I’ve received more keepsake gifts from women who know me no more than the blog I keep; every card says the same comforting words “I understand”

I’m going to pay it forward by starting this chain I hope you follow along. I’m going to purchase one (1) t-shirt for a mother, whose story has touched my heart in a way words can’t express.

I’m also going to purchase 1 “I Have My Very Own Angel”, or “I Have My Very Own Angels” white or black (any size) for one of you ladies to pay it forward to a mother who you have met only by the connection of pregnancy and infant loss and someone………… (Select one)

- Who inspired you?
- Whose story has just touched your heart?
- Who you don’t know but think should have a shirt, to move towards progressive healing
Tell me briefly why you want to pay forward a shirt to them

*I know there are so many stories and so many women who have inspired or touched our hearts, but please only select one person for this giveaway. You are more than welcome to start your own pay it forward chain by visiting our angel store at http://myveryownangel.org/Angel-Store.php

Also while we’re talking about giving and paying things forward, with the holidays coming don’t forget to give a gift to your very own angel that keeps on giving. Make a donation to Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, String Of Pearls, Sufficient Grace Ministries, Fetal Hope Foundation, March of Dimes, etc, or make small donations to foundations like MVOA’s 345 Teddy Bear Project. Honor your angels by keeping these non profits and not for profit organizations running for future families on this journey.

I’m going to pay forward a shirt to Christy Pearson http://pearsons6.blogspot.com/ I just started following her blog so I don’t know her well, but I know that this shirt would provide her great comfort through this tough time.

THIS GIVEAWAY WILL END ON FRIDAY 11/20 AT 3:30pm (CST) – The winner will be selected by one of my dear supporters that doesn’t have her very own angel, but she holds them all the time.

Good luck

*Anyone can enter*


Angela Donaldson said...

My sweet Stephanie,

I am humbled and amazed by you all the time. I get told by doing NILMDTS all the time how inspiring I am. But I look at you and it keeps me going.

I cannot think of any single person at this time, but I know that all the Angel moms I service out there are touched by the generousity of others through tough times.

Malory said...

I also follow Christy's blog & she def deserves that shirt. She is an amazing mommy.

There are quite a few ladies I have in mind. This may take me a little while to select just one!

You are an amazing woman yourself! This is a great idea.

Lisa said...

I would like to nominate someone who I first "met" when we lost our baby James. Her name is Tarah and she has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. She contacted me about a care package she wanted to send after learning about our loss. After corresponding with her she learned that we were in a tight spot getting a headstone for our angel. Through her efforts she raised over $800 to help us purchase James' headstone. Tarah is truly an angel on earth. But she has her own story. She struggles with infertility and has lost 3 babies of her own. Due to a balanced translocation she has a hard time conceiving and staying pregnant. Tarah deserves so much more than I could ever give her but I would like to acknowledge her huge giving heart.

Jessica said...

I would like to nominate Mel Maguire. She carried to term her son Liam who had full Trisomy 18. She delivered him early when a procedure to reduce her amniotic fluid jump started labor. Her Liam fought for 23 days in the NICU. Mel was a great advocate for her son, never giving up always fighting for him in the face of so many telling her to give up on her son.

Liam went to be with the Lord on November 9, 2009. Even while going through her own grief journey, she is always supporting the other T18 mommies with words of encouragement and support. She is on Facebook with our T18 Mommy group and never misses an opportunity to comment or message to another mommy having a tough day.

I am amazed by her ability to continue to spread the love even the day after losing her own sweet Liam. I think she would love to receive a MVOA shirt in honor of her little warrior Liam.

She and he have given so much courage and encouragement and love to so many others. She is an inspiration to me and countless others.

Thank you for this opportunity to pay it forward. I will continue to find ways to do this on my own as well.

Christy said...

Stephanie--Thank you so much for thinking of me. I love the thought of wearing a tshirt for my sweet Chase....
There are so many blogs that I keep up with or run across on a given day (I would hate to tally the hours I actually spend of the computer doing this. I have pretty much given up TV to spend time on it.) And all of them I can relate to in some way. The loss of a child is a connection no one wants to ever make, but in doing so, a bond is created that can never be broken. Even with complete strangers. Some stories we really connect with and others we merely "understand." Thank you again for thinking of me. You are truly a beautiful person.


Holly said...

There'a a friend of a friend. Her name is Ashley. She lost her infant son not long after he was born because of negligence of the medical staff. I know she would appreciate a shirt.

♥ Ali ♥ said...

You are just so..amazing. Hm.

I nominate Holly, who posted above me. She is just so sweet, and sincere, and has gone through so much! I think she definately deserves a shirt. :)

April said...

My friend Amanda. She carried to term only to find out that her daughter had an intestinal disorder and lost her 4 hours after birth. She has had a baby boy since then but still grieves her daughter. I think receiving a shirt would really touch her heart.

The Blue Sparrow said...

I nominate Danielle over at letting go and letting god for being a brave mama fighting for a birth certificate for her son who lived 2 minutes and was denied one. She has taken her fight straight to congress! Shes amazing!

angelmommyof7 said...
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angelmommyof7 said...
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angelmommyof7 said...

I am nominating Luci Klare.
Luci is mommy to 2 beautiful, angel, baby girls (Hope and Grace). They were conjoined twins. When Luci and her husband were told the girls would not survive, they continued the pregnancy w/o a moment's hesitation. Luci is amazingly strong in faith and love. She has been on an unimaginable journey this past year, yet never once doubted God. I personally have had many losses, but can't even begin to fathom what Luci and her husband have been through, nor how they've gotten through it still so strong in faith!

My Very Own Angel said...